We provide a digital platform, Munu Cloud, for the people in the hospitality industry. Do you want to know how you can simplify your daily operation? We are here to serve you.

More than 1 400 restaurants and hotels are currently on our platform: Munu Cloud

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Munu is a Norwegian technology company that delivers user-friendly and seamless solutions to players in the hospitality industry.

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Munu Cloud contains multiple modules so you can easily improve and streamline your daily operations.

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Point of Sale (POS)

Mobile POS


Self-service ordering

Inventory management



Guest Insight


Integrations and API

Welcome to Munu Cloud

Munu Cloud is a set of different modules developed to simplify and grow your business. You can choose to activate the different modules based on your needs as your business grows. They are all connected and you will automatically have only one source for all your data. No duplicates, no delays.


Created by industry people

In our team and management we have a mix of people with years of experience working in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, delicatessens and canteens – and in tech companies. This mix of expertise is quite unique and ensures that we always deliver high quality modules that have a great impact on our customers daily operations.


– Which modules could help your business?

Click on a module to learn more. Contact us for a demo or just a chat about how Munu Cloud can simplify your daily tasks and improve your business.