Innovative solutions for the future of a growing company

Sabi Sushi counts a large number of restaurants across the country (both takeaway and restaurant dining), in addition they are making great success with Sabi Omakase in Stavanger and Sabi Omakase in Oslo – both Omakase restaurants have been awarded a star in the Michelin Guide.


In their daily operations Sabi Sushi utilizes Munu’s POS system and the integrated webshop solution, as well as a seamless accounting integration. This comprehensive solution streamlines daily operations by offering detailed reporting and easy management of items, prices, promotions, discounts, staff, gift cards, and marketing campaigns. Owners and managers can access the system at different levels and monitor key metrics effortlessly from any location.

Munu Cloud enables the setup and connection of all devices to POS and bank terminals. It centralizes menu items, prices, staff, and customer data while allowing the creation of loyalty programs and promotions directly in the cloud. Any updates made in Munu Cloud automatically sync with POS terminals and webshops, ensuring real-time sales data in reports.

Sabi Sushi’s management team can conveniently access key metrics and real-time revenue reports by logging in through any web browser from anywhere.

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The Sabi Group had ambitious growth targets and was looking for a POS solution that was scalable.

Integrated webshop – tailored for takeaway

Sabi Sushi has adopted the Munu webshop solution to streamline takeaway transactions across all their establishments. Thanks to the seamless integration of all Munu modules within the Munu ecosystem, everything operates harmoniously. Managers have the ability to update menus, items, and prices through Munu Cloud.

Once a customer registers with Sabi, whether online or in-person, their digital profile and order history can be accessed automatically on the webshop. Orders can be conveniently placed from either a mobile device or desktop. Customers also have the option to save the webshop as a mobile app for easy access.

All webshop orders are instantly relayed to the POS system at the chosen Sabi Sushi venue, where they are categorized as paid or pending payment. Orders are then printed as vouchers directly in the kitchen for preparation.





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Seamless integrations

Munu Cloud provides seamless integrations with popular systems in the hospitality sector. For example, Sabi Sushi has incorporated an accounting integration that automates the transfer of sales data and invoice files to their accounting software daily. Once the z-report is completed, the API links to the accounting program and updates the data. Additionally, integrated bank terminals ensure that transactions made with Visa, BankAxept, Mastercard, and other cards are synchronized with the ledger, offering time and cost savings.




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