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    Designed by industry professionals, Munu is the perfect solution for restaurant owners who seek a fully integrated, user-friendly, and robust platform.

    Munu Cloud

    Empower your staff

    In busy, large restaurants like Olivia’s restaurants, Mobile-POS streamlines the ordering process by allowing servers to send tickets directly from the table to the kitchen.


    Olivia operates multiple kitchens, and our smart ticket printing rules ensure synchronized food delivery for guests at the same table.


    Olivia Restauranter was one of the first major chains to adopt our Mobile-POS several years ago. They have since day one provided us with valuable feedback, keeping us proactive in continuously improving our solution. The collaboration with the likes of Olivia has been instrumental in refining our system to meet the evolving needs of the restaurant industry.

    staff at Olivias

    Experience the power of real-time data flow

    Effortlessly connecting all your devices through the cloud. Use this invaluable resource to:


    • streamline processes
    •  reduce inefficiencies
    • make timely decisions


    Enhance restaurant workflows with our intuitive digital tools, expertly crafted to ensure ease of learning and use. With updated real-time-information the shifts will run smoother, and your staff will appreciate the simplicity and efficiency our tools bring to their daily tasks.


    Did the guest request a specific dish, or wine? With inventory on POS your staff has the answer at their fingertips.

    Sindre Høiby at Tolvte&Kranen, Munch: “We chose Munu Cloud because of my positive experience with the system in other restaurants I have worked in. My favorite features include efficient article and customer search functionalities, along with the invoicing function.”


    Operational precision with unique Role-Based Access Control

    RBAC enables the definition of specific roles and the assignment of privileges to each role, ensuring that every employee operates within their designated scope.


    Automatic logging tracks performance and registers every task, making it easy to monitor employee performance, work hours, and reasons for waste. This provides comprehensive information about operational activities.


    The POS is fully customizable, displaying only the buttons and functionality permitted for each employee. This makes it more intuitive and easy to operate.

    Munu image

    Point of sale

    Efficient payment moments are crucial to guest satisfaction.

    • Do complex bill splitting with ease

      An advanced split bill-functionality to split the bill among multiple guests or by specific items. The ability to break down the bill into individual items, making it easy for each guest to pay for their share. Support for various payment methods (cash, credit cards, mobile payments) for each split portion.

    • Add only the buttons you need

      Every restaurant is run differently. That’s why we made the POS fully customizable; just drag and drop the functions you actually use, group and name them to make it the perfect fit.

    • Monitor the performance of your staff

      Everything is automatically logged and tracked. Making it easier for restaurant managers to be on top of things.


    Serve more guests with less personnel

    We understand that no matter how well you plan, surprises and unforeseen events are inevitable. The variety and ever-changing nature of working in a restaurant are what make it enjoyable.


    We also know that it’s crucial to have the flexibility to respond to unexpected changes.


    Here, you can integrate online sales channels to assist without the need to increase staffing.


    • If “too many”  guests arrive before the next shift starts, you can open for QR code solution for part of the restaurant.
    • Let guests order drinks on their mobile phones while servers focus on food orders.
    • Will a large party keep your chefs busy the next few hours, you can extend takeaway ordering times or close for the rest of the day.


    All performed on POS, making it the perfect control center for your ever-changing operations.


    Booking integrated into your POS

    No extra devices or software required. Use your existing POS and Mobile POS to register walk-ins and no-shows, assign tables or see table status and availability. Real-time sync lets you know if a guest has requested the check or is late.

    setting table in restaurant


    Integrate the tools you use

    Automatic and secure data transfer from Munu Cloud to different 3rd party systems lets you work more quickly and reduces the risk for human errors and inaccuracies.

    Munu image

    Munu friends

    Meet some satisfied Munu users, and read their stories

      Munu image

      BA3, Oslo Event Hub, Justisen, Nedre Løkka, F6, IVY, Michaels, Libertine, Stratos

      Munu image

      We utilize the valuable insights provided by Munu Cloud to enhance and further develop our concepts.

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      DNB Arena

      Stavanger Oilers

      Concert in DNB Arena

      Munu POS is straightforward to use and requires no or very little training!

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      Chef in vegetable garden at Hotel Union Øye

      A Munu & Mews integration ensures that data flows seamlessly.

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      Logo of F


      restaurant group

      Mat illustrasjon

      We have had a close collaboration spanning several years.

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      Anders Braathen portrait

      Lava Oslo

      Smalhans interior

      Don’t spend time on tasks that can be handled digitally.

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      Bestilling via QR i nettbutikk hos Matmagasinet (


      Bestilling via QR i nettbutikk hos Matmagasinet (

      Several departments – one central hub for all operational data

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      Munu image


      Vulkanfisk fish counter

      Several departments – one system tailored to meet their specific needs.

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      Le Mathis Bistro

      Andreas Dalen og Nils Andris Hamre, Le Mathis

      The need for a reliable and user-friendly POS system.

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      sushi chef

      Sabi Sushi

      Munu image

      Innovative solutions for the future of a growing company.

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      Kanelsnurren – over 20 cafes, one cloud based system.

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      Munu image

      Hotel, restaurants, bars – all data in one place

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      Art Themis bar & café

      Munu image

      Effectively managing a bar with a tailored POS system

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