3 destinations, 8 restaurants and bars

In conversation with another hotel in Tromsø that uses Munu, the CEO of Æventyr became convinced that they should get a demo of Munu Cloud to determine if it could meet their requirements as well.


Æventyr relies on reliable and dynamic systems to optimize operations and secure revenue. Managing multiple destinations with several hotels, restaurants and bars, necessitates having reporting functions that enable continuous monitoring of the progress of all their establishments.

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Æventyrs restauranter og barer bruker arktiske råvarer – kjøtt, fisk, vann, grønnsaker og bær – som ofte regnes for å være de beste i sitt slag på planeten.

All data in one place

Munu Cloud is a flexible platform with modules tailored to the needs of restaurants and bars. By choosing Munu Cloud, with the modules Munu POS, webshop, inventory, and seamless integration to the PMS system Mews, Æventyrs management has consolidated all data into one centralized location. This leads to enhanced insights and a stronger foundation for decision-making, empowering them to boost revenue, cut costs, and maximize profits.


Employees at Æventyr’s hotels, restaurants and bars enjoy a more streamlined daily routine thanks to the user-friendly and efficient POS system. Staff handling hotel checkouts have access to a comprehensive summary of guests’ food and beverage orders, regardless of the department where the orders originated, be it restaurants, bars, or room service. Guests have the convenience of charging their expenses to their room and settling all their bills during check-out.

With smooth data integration, Æventyr can concentrate on delivering an exceptional guest experience.


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What Æventyr says

It is crucial to have systems in place that enable us to consistently monitor the progress of all our units. In terms of operation, Munu Cloud is stable and easy to operate, it has all the functionalities a competitive system must have, and we have access to support 24/7.” 


Vegard Berge Uglebakken, CEO, Æventyr AS



Munu Cloud consists of a several modules that can contribute to increased profitability and making daily operations easier. Which modules you choose is up to you, we will be more than happy to show you what Munu Cloud can do for your business – based on your needs.

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