Our selection criteria for a new supplier included a user-friendly POS system that could be tailored to our needs. This is where Munu truly stood out.

Aleksander Pettersen

Art Themis Bar

Effectively managing a bar with a tailored POS system

Aleksander emphasizes that Munu POS offers extensive customization options for each product, right down to the smallest details such as additional items and product information. The ability to adjust colors, text, and include images enhances quick product recognition in busy daily routines. Moreover, the platform provides valuable reports and seamless integration with the accounting program PowerOffice, which is absolutely essential.


Customer registration and pricing rules have received high praise from the employees. Not all staff members are familiar with every customer, so fixed discounts can be easily accessed through a quick customer search. Another valuable feature is Multipay, which saves time and minimizes queues during peak hours.

Munu image

Munu POS is part of Munu Cloud, an all-in-one solution developed for the hospitality sector, offering a variety of services. If Art Themis Bar later decides to add, for example, a webshop for self service ordering via QR code or other modules, it is easy to activate them. Munu Cloud is a flexible platform where you choose which modules are relevant to use.