What is essential for busy bars looking to optimize operations?

The key lies in introducing effective systems to enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and simplify daily tasks.

Oslo Mikrobryggeri identified areas for improvement in their existing POS system and started exploring alternative solutions. Their goal was to switch to a faster, user-friendly POS system with enhanced features.


After a demo of Munu Cloud at the Umami fair, Fanny Jerner and her team were convinced that this software solution best suited their needs.

Their feedback was that this POS system has a nice layout and menu, is easy to use, the ability to change the layout according to their own needs – from anywhere via the cloud, fully integrated inventory management module, option for multipay, integration to the accounitng program Tripletex, and that they can follow operations in real-time via the cloud.

Munu image

It’s a plus that Munu Cloud is developed by people with experience from the hospitality industry themselves, which means that you probably understand our needs better than others.

Fanny M. V. Jerner

Manager, Oslo Mikrobryggeri

Munu Cloud consists of a number of modules that can help streamline daily operations and increase profitability for bars and restaurants. Which modules you choose is up to you, and we are happy to show you what Munu Cloud can do for your restaurant.