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    Control costs
    reduce waste.

    Done right, an inventory management system contributes to more efficient operations, cost savings, and a significant reduction in food waste. Good news for your bottom line – and for the planet too.

    3 things to love
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    Real-time status

    With everything integrated, you’ll have accurate information available at all times. Sold items are automatically tracked, availability is based on recipes, and you’ll be notified when restocking is required.

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    Organized inventory lists by location streamline the inventory counting process. Items are automatically restocked when moved, and tailored suggestions for orders based on preferences are provided when inventory is running low, prompting and ensuring efficient restocking.

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    Less food waste

    Real-time, accurate inventory monitoring ensures timely usage before expiration. Advanced recipe features calculate exact ingredient quantities for menu items, reducing the chances of over-purchasing.

    Point of Sale

    Inventory available at your fingertips

    Did the guest ask for a particular wine? A specific dish? No matter the request, your staff has the answer. With inventory available on a Mobile POS, the server gets real-time updates on all item’s availability.

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    Let your servers view all item’s availability without ever having to leave the table.

    Several locations, but still in control

    With a centralized system, managers can have a comprehensive view of inventory across several locations. This centralized control allows for better coordination in redistributing surplus items from one location to another where they may be needed.


    • Need to move items across your business? Make additions with automatic restocking
    • Sort lists per location to make inventory counting faster
    barkeeper restocking by the use of bar code reader

    Quick and easy restocking with the use of barcode scanner.

    Cardinal Pub & Bar in Stavanger stocks nearly 500 types of beer and excels in harnessing the power of inventory management.

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