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    Munu for

    hotel F&B.

    While our expertise lies in the culinary realm, not hotel management, we’re dedicated to optimizing your employees’ workdays. Our seamless integration with commonly used hotel systems, PMS, ensures you can equip your staff with top-notch tools, and offer guests a smooth stay at your hotel.

    3 things to love

    Easy to use tools

    Get your staff up to speed in no time. Our platform requires little to no training to get you going.

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    The flexibility

    During busy periods, like seminars or high seasons you can easily meet the demands by setting up extra POS, allowing guest to order on their phones or move your existing POS devices.

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    Guest insights

    Who booked when, what did they order, when did they check out, did they order in or go to the restaurant to eat? All all available data will help you make informed decisions and enhance guest satisfaction.


    Integrates to PMS systems

    Automatic and secure data transfer from Munu Cloud to different 3rd party systems lets you work more quickly and reduces the risk for human errors and inaccuracies.


    Integrate Munu Cloud and your PMS system to offer your guests a seamless guest experience and stay at your hotel.

    example screens from oracle and mews

    Point of Sale

    Give your guests moments to remember

    Deliver excellent hospitality and eliminate the need for cash. When paying for meals or drinks at your hotel, you can let your guests add expenses to the room and pay at check-out.

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    Use a QR code to order room service

    QR code orders are automatically printed, processed and registered. Extra sales, but no extra work.

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    QR code ordering can easily be turned off when busy!

    Munu friends

    Meet some satisfied Munu users, and read their stories

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      BA3, Oslo Event Hub, Justisen, Nedre Løkka, F6, IVY, Michaels, Libertine, Stratos

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      We utilize the valuable insights provided by Munu Cloud to enhance and further develop our concepts.

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      DNB Arena

      Stavanger Oilers

      Concert in DNB Arena

      Munu POS is straightforward to use and requires no or very little training!

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      Chef in vegetable garden at Hotel Union Øye

      A Munu & Mews integration ensures that data flows seamlessly.

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      Logo of F


      restaurant group

      Mat illustrasjon

      We have had a close collaboration spanning several years.

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      Anders Braathen portrait

      Lava Oslo

      Smalhans interior

      Don’t spend time on tasks that can be handled digitally.

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      Bestilling via QR i nettbutikk hos Matmagasinet (


      Bestilling via QR i nettbutikk hos Matmagasinet (

      Several departments – one central hub for all operational data

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      Munu image


      Vulkanfisk fish counter

      Several departments – one system tailored to meet their specific needs.

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      Munu image

      Le Mathis Bistro

      Andreas Dalen og Nils Andris Hamre, Le Mathis

      The need for a reliable and user-friendly POS system.

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      sushi chef

      Sabi Sushi

      Munu image

      Innovative solutions for the future of a growing company.

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      Munu image

      Kanelsnurren – over 20 cafes, one cloud based system.

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      Munu image


      Munu image

      Hotel, restaurants, bars – all data in one place

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      Munu image

      Art Themis bar & café

      Munu image

      Effectively managing a bar with a tailored POS system

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