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Munu Cloud – a solution that surpassed their expectations

Initially seeking a POS system with accounting integration, Matmagasinet found in Munu Cloud a solution that surpassed their expectations, covering a wide range of operational requirements. The platform ensures meticulous control over orders and payments from all departments, whether through traditional checkouts or mobile orders with QR code payments.


With services spanning various departments, in addition to events, Matmagasinet is a bustling establishment. As a seasoned supplier in the hospitality sector, we understand the importance of guest satisfaction, staff empowerment, and operational efficiency. Munu Cloud is a comprehensive platform that address these needs.

Mussels at Matmagasinet

Mobile orders seamlessly transition to paid orders with accurate payment details.

A central hub for consolidating all operational data

Munu Cloud serves as the central hub for consolidating all operational data. Through the cloud-based portal, Matmagasinet accesses the article, customer, and gift card registers for the restaurant, wine bar, and catering services. An automated data flow between Munu Cloud and their accounting software guarantees real-time access to vital statistics. With all information centralized, Matmagasinet can identify opportunities for operational enhancements and maintain precise oversight of daily activities.

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Munu Cloud




Munu Cloud offers a customizable platform tailored to individual requirements. Matmagasinet has selected the following modules to streamline their operations:

Matmagasinet offer their guests a diverse menu, and the wine bar complements these delicacies with a selection of fine wines and tasty snacks. On sunny days, guests can enjoy the outdoor seating area with a view of Ledaalparken.