What byOSLO says

Uses the insights in Munu Cloud to further develop the concepts

“A modern, efficient and reliable system that is user-friendly for both employees and managers at our venues was decisive when choosing a POS supplier. We operate various concepts under the byOSLO group and Munu Cloud gives us valuable insight which we use to further develop each concept.”

BA3, Oslo Event Hub, Justisen, Nedre Løkka, F6, IVY, Michaels, Libertine, Stratos

byOSLO leverages the insights from Munu Cloud

According to Jama and Kim from byOSLO, Munu Cloud offers valuable information and the option to customize your portal. They particularly appreciate the features that allow them to view hourly sales, average check amounts, and the top 10 best-selling items with ease. These functions collectively provide them with valuable insights into the operations of each establishment.


The Munu Cloud modules are conveniently located in one place, and designed to provide valuable insights into your operations and streamline your daily tasks. Customize the system according to your preferences, whether you run a large corporation or a small business.

Integration to Tripletex and Planday eliminates manual processes.

Utilizing Planday and Tripletex on a daily basis, byOSLO also benefit from the automated data flow between these platforms and Munu Cloud, providing valuable insights and saving significant time.


Z-report with all relevant figures is automatically transferred to the accounting program at the end of the working day. This process seamlessly updates the ledger without requiring any manual intervention from the accountant.


Revenue numbers are automatically transferred to Planday, empowering you to manage payroll expenses effectively and strategize staffing based on peak and off-peak periods at each venue.

Munu Cloud


byOSLO has diverse needs across its various locations, and this aligns smoothly with the flexibility offered by Munu Cloud. Below, you can see what they are using now.

Whether you are looking for a place for a celebration or a conference, byOslo has the perfect venue.