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    Streamline your

    Effortlessly manage work schedules, greet guests, register walk-ins while your guests register online bookings. All data is always updated and synced for everyone to access.

    3 things to love
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    Table status is synced in real time across all your Munu devices; booking widget, POS and booking app. No need to check in different systems or ask the host for an available table.

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    Optimized capacity

    A vast set of possibilities to configure your service and available capacity. Control the number of arriving guests, table layouts or seatings. Enter your preferences once and let the booking system do the seating for you and adjust it whenever needed without any delay.

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    Unique guest insights

    When and how did she book? What did she order this time, or last? Has she done any online ordering? How did she pay? With all data automatically collected, you gain unique insights. Useful both when making strategic decisions and recommending a wine to returning guests.

    Integrated booking

    Save time and improve service

    Register walk-ins has never been easier. Just open a table, add the guest count and the table status will automatically switch to occupied for the default eating time. You can also use your Mobile-POS to quickly check the status and upcoming reservations or register the guest on a digital waitlist.


    Printing of bill automatically updates the status again, signaling that the table will soon be available again.

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    A professional planning tool

    Manage opening hours, capacity plans, seating times, customer messages and table setup for each shift.


    • Apply unique arrival or capacity caps for the different booking channels to optimize your work flows.
    • Get an overview of no-shows, arrivals and delays or do a simple search to find a specific booking or guest.


    Detailed permissions in the booking app ensures precise control over who can perform specific actions in the booking system.

    Sommero Ekspedisjonshallen interior

    Ekspedisjonshallen at Sommerro hotel in Oslo uses Munu booking and POS.

    Booking widget

    Let the system handle all your bookings

    If you manage a small, popular restaurant without dedicated booking staff, the booking module can take care of the bookings with its configured automated features.


    • Guests check availability and book online
    • Based on your input the system automatically find the best table
    • Guest receives a confirmation and reminders
    • You have today’s bookings on the POS


    All bookings run in the background while you take care of your guests.

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    Make decisions based on facts

    Track your business in real-time. Monitor visitors, top-selling items, employee performance, and capacity utilization. Gauge revenue against projections. Set up dashboards in Munu Cloud for quick KPI access, or utilize Munu Data Store to create personalized dashboards in tools like PowerBI.

    Your success is your benefit— we don’t charge you based on number of seats, tables, guests, or bookings.


    Choose a

    booking plan.

    Regardless of the plan you choose, these core features are included. You’ll have a flexible and continuously developed booking solution.

    Unlimited quantity of bookings and guests

    Flexible table and capacity management

    Booking widget for guests

    Automatic walk-in registration

    Rich booking planning tool

    Notification & reminders to guests

    Export reports to Excel and PDF and subscribe for regular updates

    Unique guest insights

    BASIC (NOK 500/month)

    For clients with one venue get up to 5 active capacity plans, online widget in Munu webshop, both booking list and timeline views in booking app, standard messages sent to guests and access to all standard reports in Munu Cloud portal. Start: 0 NOK

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    STANDARD (NOK 900/month)

    Up to two different venues and 10 active capacity plans. Add widgets in an iFrame and access the drag & drop floorplan designer. Automatic seating and advanced reports will help you stay on top, even during the busiest of times. Start: 10 000 NOK


    PREMIUM (NOK 1600/month)

    Need to go bigger? Premium allows for up to five venues and 15 active capacity plans in addition to customized reports just for you and your staff and mangement. Activate online waitlist function in both POS, wigdet and of course the booking app. Start: 10 000 NOK.


    Enterprise level? A customized plan includes access to the Enterprise REST API, enabling seamless integration with third-party systems.

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