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    Booking terms


    Understanding various features and their functions can be challenging. Here, we provide explanations for the terms we use to offer clarity and context.
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    A venue is a location (e.g.: restaurant, hotelbar etc.). Each venue has its own opening hours, name and at least one booking capacity plan. You can have one venue per place, or divide the place into different venues. Contact us and we will find out what ensures you the best possible operation and service!

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    Capacity plan

    Manage opening hours, capacity, seating times or tablet setup separate for each shift or period in a booking capacity plan. as well as timeline view to plan your service or verify the table and booking status directly per table on your floorpla. You have a different setup during breakfast and dinner? Want to change table setup for Valentines day? You can serve more guests simultanouesly during lunch menu than in the evenings? Your setups can easily be configured and will automatically take effect on the specified dates and times. Keep a library of relevant plans and activate those that are ready to implement.

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    Booking views

    Relevant management views support your work in exactly the way you need it. See your bookings in list views, such as arrival list, as well as timeline view to plan your service or verify the table and booking status directly for tables on your floorplan.

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    Booking widget

    Reduce your administrative efforts and let your guests easily book a table themselves using their mobile phone. When you use the Munu webshop, the booking widget is already integrated and used daily by thousands of customers. If you have your own website, we offer an option to embed the widget using iFrame.

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    Drag & drop floorplan designer

    Draw your floorplan and tables and have the exact status on all tables. The buily-in Drag and Drop-editor lets you easily make changes to an existing floorplan, without any technical knowledge.

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    Notification & Reminders

    Automatically confirm bookings via SMS or E-Mail and send out reminders to reduce the amount of no-shows. Customize messages to match your look and feel or add your personal touch to the message. Transaction fee for SMS is not included in the monthly price.

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    Guest insights

    Know your guests and use tags to define your guests types and enhance that information with your guest’s previous order history and preferences. Use reports and order history to create even more fitting tags, such as “drinks high-priced wines” or “Long seating times”. Allow your colleagues to easily identify returning guests, special needs or allergies when serving them. Add order tags to inform the service personal about special offers or agreements.

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    Automatic walk-in registration

    If you open a table, the booking system will automatically register a walk-in and update availability across all devices. Additional tables statuses e.g. indicate if a guest is delayed, or have asked for a bill and is about to leave.

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    Automatic seating & table priorities

    Make sure to fill up your restaurant the way it suits your business. Let the booking system do the seating and find the best combination of tables. Make use of priorities across tables and assign capacity and priorities also for table unions. Reserve certain tables for manual bookings or walk-ins.

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    Since you get all your data from POS and booking in one place, you can get completely new insights: When and for how long did the guests actually stay?What did they actually order? You can also combine table placement, service personal at work and order content to make a deep analysis. Get a quick overview on your current business directly on your dashboard. Standard reports are available for download in PDF or Excel or simply get your daily update by subscribing to your favourite reports.

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    Online waiting list

    Do not miss out on potential guests due to people not showing up. Add guests to waiting list to be notified if a booking is available.

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    Social media and search engine booking

    Coming: Integrate your booking directly into your social media communication via deep-linking or provide necessary data for search engines to allow guests to book directly from the search results page i e.g. Google.

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    Enterprise Booking API

    Are you using a 3rd party system as part of your guest experience to modify packages, assign resources or plan shifts? Our Enterprise REST API allows you to integrate to our booking engine and create and manage booking from 3rd party systems.

    Hope this was helpful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a demo. Back to booking page?