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    Connect your tools to streamline your operations.

    A secure and automated data flow between Munu Cloud and your other systems keeps your data up to date and provides you with unique insights.

    3 things to love

    Eager to connect

    We greet developers with industry standard technologies, up-to-date documentation, insightful articles, and a responsive team of professionals.

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    Able to inform

    Make informed and data-driven decisions by fetching prepared data daily. We enable you to learn from the past to help set the course for your future.

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    Ready to collaborate

    With integrations from widely used systems such as Tripletex, PowerOffice, and Mews, we fit perfectly within your existing tools.

    Enterprise API

    Access to a wide range of core data and functionality. Retrieve article information, set deviations such as sold-out articles on-the-fly, create complex orders with high degree of customization. Built as an integration layer on top of the Munu webshop.

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    Booking API

    Gives an overview of available timeslots for venues. Functionality to manage bookings within these timeslots. Bookings made in Webshop, POS, and through the API are all realtime and from a single source. No need for delayed synching!

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    Internal Payment API

    Canteen accounts have never been easier to manage, and are built straight into the POS! Create companies and manage their users. Set credit or debit accounts, monthly fill-up or self-prepaid. Synch the users identity instruments such as RFID keys, magnetic cards, QR codes, etc.

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    Munu Data Store (MDS)

    Tap into the cloud

    Munu Data Store is a service hosting your data safely in Microsoft Azure.


    These are made easily accessible through REST-based APIs. Database replication of transactions (orders) and related data enables external systems to fetch sales and related data for analytics purposes.


    The data is accumulated at regular intervals. Normally once a day, from operational sub-systems. Fetching the data in JSON format, including incremental fetching for fast-growing datavolumes like orders, inventory, etc.

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