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    With fully integrated webshops you can provide an excellent guest experience, regardless if they are ordering online from the comfort of their home or are seated in the restaurant. It’s all the same system.

    3 things to love
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    Easy to launch

    Launching your online food and beverage sales is a breeze with Munu. When everything is seamlessly connected, you can effortlessly drag and drop existing articles onto a new page to create your online menu. Add some tasty descriptions and perhaps some tempting images, and you’re good to go!

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    Orders sent to POS

    Online orders will be sent to your POS, which prints tickets and registers payments automatically. You can look at the webshop as a natural extension of your POS helping you to take more orders without the need for extra administration.

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    Add your visual identity

    Brand your online presence with ready-to-use page templates featuring your logo and colors. Assure your customers they’re ordering from your place, not Munu. Add a link to the webshop on your existing website or use the webshop as your site—either on our domain or yours.

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    How it works


    The customer opens your webshop on their mobile, tablet or laptop.


    Your menu is shown, based on location and type of delivery.


    After adding items to their shopping cart, the customer either pays as a guest or logs in to pay.


    The order is printed – in the same way as if you placed the order on the POS.


    The order is automatically converted to a paid order – with the correct payment type so that the balance is correct.


    What’s on your plate?


    Takeaway and delivery

    Quick, simple, and scalable – adapts to your changing activity levels:


    • Busy times? Extend the production time for online orders directly on the POS.
    • Driver stuck in traffic? Close one or all delivery zones for an hour or two.
    • Best seller sold out? Item is of course also unavailable online without any extra action.
    • Staff called in sick? Close the online ordering until new staff is in place.

    Temporarily deviations in online offerings are set directly on POS.

    webshop via qr

    Inhouse ordering on mobiles

    Some still use QR codes to replace servers, but now, QR codes are mostly used as an additional tool for your staff. It helps them respond easily and quickly to changes. For example, if the sun suddenly shines, effortlessly use the POS to open outdoor table groups for QR ordering—enabling easy scaling without extra staff. During events, set the QR code to handle drink orders, freeing up your servers for food service. Many creative and value-creating possibilities come with this addition. Got an idea? Let’s talk.

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    Open and close your QR ordering on POS.

    Webshop plans

    Start small.
    Or go big.

    No matter where you start, these core features are the basics. You’ll get a secure and continuously developed online store.

    Orders available on POS

    Tickets print according to your rules

    Paid orders are saved with the correct payment type

    Designed for mobile use, with a responsive user interface

    Your logo and color palette

    SSL certificate for secure use of Munu Cloud

    Opens in browser without any need for app-installation

    Function buttons on POS to change webshop settings

    Automatic updates and hosting

    Free support: Weekdays 08:00-17:00, and a 24/7 hotline for critical issues.



    We’re constantly adding features as client needs and technology evolve. Our webshop features can be configured to match very different business needs and concepts. Here are a brief selection. Missing something? Please contact us to discuss your specific case.

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      Digital gift card

      examples giftcards

      Digital giftcards are automatically created and sent to customer on email. No extra work for your staff.

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      Digital gift card

      Choose if you want to sell only digital giftcards, or if it’s an addition for customers who do not wish to pick up the cards in person. Perfect for an instant gift. The giftcard is a PDF branded with your logo and colors/image.

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      Want to give a discount on takeaway orders to motivate your clients?

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      Pricerules can override price in a specific time frame. It will automatic be activated and deactivated. No need to make duplicate “campaign-articels” which will be more time consuming and mess up your statistics. By using pricerules you will decrease input of unknown discounts, and manual errors. Easier to assess the effects of your campaigns and offers.

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      Let the employees top up their balance and order catering online.

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      We recognize the importance of keeping employees well-fed to prevent them from getting ‘hangry.’ By integrating online services into canteens, you can reduce queues and provide a smoother lunch experience for all.

      QR code

      Inhouse or in (the) room?

      woman with cat and mobile

      Are your restaurant catering to hotel guests you can change the “table number” to “room number” and place QR codes for roomservice.

      QR code

      Inhouse or in (the) room?

      Bars and restaurants located in hotels can enhance the guest experience by offering the option to pay the minibar check on their mobile phones, reducing checkout time and hassle

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