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    Munu for

    Quick Service Restaurants.

    Get a system that is flexible and easy to use in your daily operations. Be more efficient as all orders flow seamlessly across various sales channels. The power of accessible data is at your fingertips, providing opportunities for business growth.

    Munu Cloud

    Speed, reliability and control

    With data stored centrally, updating menus, adjusting prices, and generating sales reports becomes a breeze. You will foster operational excellence through continuous assessment and refinement, ensuring your restaurant operates at peak efficiency.


    • Easily expand to more sales channels and additional locations
    • With a fully customizable platform, you can cherry-pick the features that are important to you
    • Choose from several fully integrated payment options on POS, webshop, and, through integration with accounting, seamlessly process all payments, including invoices
    sushi chef

    Unleash upselling to maximize sales

    Enhance the customer experience by suggesting upsells, such as a larger drink or adding fries to their burger. These choices are conveniently displayed on both the POS for your staff and in the webshop for your guests.


    Set your desired options in Munu Cloud once, making them available to both staff and customers ordering online, ensuring uniformity across all ordering methods.


    Sales reports assist in selecting effective upsells for your business, providing valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. This makes it easy for you to continually improve and grow your business, ensuring sustained success.

    Hamburger on the grill in a restaurant

    Offer your guests the possibility to upgrade their dish.

    Get a platform that operates smoothly and is always up-to-date without requiring your involvement.


    Fully integrated webshops

    Zouq is one of our clients offering a wide range of tasty dishes in their webshop.


    On the day of delivery, all orders are downloaded to POS and tickets are printed according to the rules you’ve set.


    This seamless workflow is one of the most important benefits when clients choose to start with webshop: No need to update or check information across multiple systems.

    Food from Zouq

    The reuse of articles in webshop makes it easy to get started with online sales.


    Integrate the tools you use

    Automatic and secure data transfer from Munu Cloud to different third party  systems lets you work more quickly and reduces the risk for human errors and inaccuracies.

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    Munu friends

    Meet some satisfied Munu users, and read their stories

      Munu image

      BA3, Oslo Event Hub, Justisen, Nedre Løkka, F6, IVY, Michaels, Libertine, Stratos

      Munu image

      We utilize the valuable insights provided by Munu Cloud to enhance and further develop our concepts.

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      DNB Arena

      Stavanger Oilers

      Concert in DNB Arena

      Munu POS is straightforward to use and requires no or very little training!

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      Munu image


      Chef in vegetable garden at Hotel Union Øye

      A Munu & Mews integration ensures that data flows seamlessly.

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      Logo of F


      restaurant group

      Mat illustrasjon

      We have had a close collaboration spanning several years.

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      Anders Braathen portrait

      Lava Oslo

      Smalhans interior

      Don’t spend time on tasks that can be handled digitally.

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      Bestilling via QR i nettbutikk hos Matmagasinet (


      Bestilling via QR i nettbutikk hos Matmagasinet (

      Several departments – one central hub for all operational data

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      Munu image


      Vulkanfisk fish counter

      Several departments – one system tailored to meet their specific needs.

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      Munu image

      Le Mathis Bistro

      Andreas Dalen og Nils Andris Hamre, Le Mathis

      The need for a reliable and user-friendly POS system.

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      sushi chef

      Sabi Sushi

      Munu image

      Innovative solutions for the future of a growing company.

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      Munu image

      Kanelsnurren – over 20 cafes, one cloud based system.

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      Munu image


      Munu image

      Hotel, restaurants, bars – all data in one place

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      Munu image

      Art Themis bar & café

      Munu image

      Effectively managing a bar with a tailored POS system

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