The Importance of an efficient and user-friendly POS System

Le Mathis, a french bistro located in the heart of Skostredet in Bergen city center, offers both lunch and dinner featuring popular french dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Fancy a french onion soup or a croque monsieur for lunch? Perhaps a delightful boeuf bourguignon for dinner? Prior to your dinner at the bistro, why not enjoy a drink at the Champagne bar.


The general manager at Le Mathis sought a reliable and user-friendly POS system to ensure smooth operations and seamless order processing and payments in both departments of the bistro. The goal was to minimize operational errors and technical challenges for the waitstaff in a bustling restaurant setting.

They opted for Munu POS due to its comprehensive features, ease of use, speed, and reliability. Developed by industry experts, Munu’s POS system is tailored to enhance the day-to-day activities of a dining establishment. The POS interface can be personalized to match specific requirements, including menus, toolbars, colors, and pages.

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Update all information in one place

Munu POS is part of the Munu Cloud service, ensuring real-time data synchronization across all modules. Even though Le Mathis operates two POS stations, all updates can be done in one central location.

General Manager Marianne Myklebust aimed for a back office system that provides a clear overview and allows for remote updates and modifications. With Munu Cloud, updates, promotions, user access changes, and more can be managed from anywhere with internet access, without the need to be physically present at the restaurant.

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“Munu’s customer service has been outstanding. We receive prompt assistance from friendly and understanding staff. We are highly satisfied.”

Mariann Myklebust

General Manager, Le Mathis Bistro