From all the way back to when we opened the restaurant Smalhans, we have been looking for good systems and solutions that simplify our everyday operations. We should not be spending our time on tasks that can be handled more efficient digitally. So we were looking for a innovative POS supplier that could provide a seamless solution across all our restaurants.

Lava Oslo

One solution simplifying operations across all restaurants – seamlessly

What is the most important thing to consider when choosing a POS supplier? Lava Oslo prioritized trust in Munu’s ability to provide a comprehensive and dependable solution that streamlines management tasks for both the management and staff across their restaurants.


Centralized Insight with Munu Cloud

The cloud-based Munu Cloud platform offers various value-adding services tailored to specific restaurant needs. Lava Oslo utilizes relevant modules such as Munu POS for sales registration, a webshop for mobile ordering, takeaway services and digital gift card sales, as well as integrations with Tripletex accounting software and Planday employee scheduling platform.


A seamless integration to Planday, which simplifies operations and provides accurate data for monitoring personnel costs, is a feature that Lava Oslo greatly appreciates. Together with Planday, Munu have developed an integration which transfers every registered sale to Planday automatically. These figures are actively used in the operations of Lava Oslo to determine whether they have high or low personnel costs.

Katla interior by Lava

Katla is a warm and spacious restaurant 60 seats in the bar, 45 seats in the restaurant and a separate chambre sépareé that seats 18 people.

Enhanced Decision-Making Support

Lava Oslo appreciates Munu Cloud’s adaptability to their requirements and its user-friendly interface, reducing the need for extensive employee training. Managers have access to vital data and insights from any location, facilitating informed decision-making for daily operations.

Anders Braathen portrait

Anders Braathen, Operations Manager – technical solutions and systems, Lava Oslo