Over 20 cafes and growing

Due to high demand and a growing number of cafes, Kanelsnurren required a system that could enhance guest experiences and streamline daily operations for their employees. Kanelsnurren currently operates in more than 20 locations, with plans for additional expansion. In the Stavanger area, visitors can experience Norway’s first Drive-Thru bakery at Kanelsnurren Forus.

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Efficient operations and excellent customer experience

To maintain focus on creating exceptional baked goods, Kanelsnurren relies on reliable suppliers to ensure smooth café operations. By utilizing the cloud-based system Munu Cloud, Kanelsnurren streamlines employee workflows, enhances guest experiences, and boosts company profitability. The system offers real-time access to data with no downtime, promoting operational efficiency.


Munu Cloud provides various modules, allowing customization based on business needs. Kanelsnurren opts for Munu POS across all branches, enabling centralized management of items, menus, and prices for all cafes. The staff at Kanelsnurren find Munu POS user-friendly and intuitive, requiring minimal training.


The accounting integration seamlessly transfers all café sales from POS units to the Tripletex accounting program, providing management with comprehensive business insights.

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Munu Cloud


Find freshly baked delicacies at your nearest Kanelsnurren café.