Osøyro Kolonial chose Munu due to its user-friendly system and exceptional customer support.

Established in 2016 by Silja Døsen Moberg, Osøyro Kolonial initially focused on catering, which quickly gained popularity. The business then expanded to include a bakery and deli section, offering a variety of delicacies like cheeses, house-made sausages, mince, and cold cuts. Additionally, the store provides unique oils, spices, and canned goods not typically found in regular grocery stores.



Osøyro Kolonial - blings

Customers value the pleasant ambiance and diverse range of local and international products. The buttered focaccia and homemade salads are particularly popular among lunchtime visitors.

In a deli, products often require weighing, prompting Silja to seek a supplier who could provide scales alongside a new POS system.


With Munu POS, comprehensive product information is managed, and integration with Bizerba scales ensures seamless data exchange between the POS and scales. This guarantees updated information and compliance with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority’s labeling standards. For instance, when selling 1 kg of minced meat, the scale generates a label with food details, allergens, expiry date, and barcode, which is then scanned during checkout.


Valuable insights from Munu Cloud serve as a management tool for Silja, offering detailed profit margins for individual items, product categories, and overall sales.

Osøyro kolonial - delikatesse

“We opted for Munu because of its user-friendly system, and we are delighted with the support provided by Hans Erik and the customer service team.”

Caroline, Store Manager