Stavanger Oilers

DNB arena – From hockey match to concert stage in 24 hours

With five kiosks, three bars, café, restaurant with bar, and VIP department with bar and dining, it is essential that the POS can be adapted quickly to different operations and needs in the arena.

Large capacity requires reliable solutions

DNB Arena is a multifunctional arena that houses a large number of entertainment and sporting events, and it can be converted from a hockey game to a concert stage in 24 hours. The ice hockey club Stavanger Oilers is responsible for all food and drink services in the arena and all restaurants, bars and kiosk use Munu POS.


The arena has a capacity of 4,250 guests during ice hockey games and 5,500 at concerts, this includes 1 restaurant, a VIP department with bar and dining, 3 bars, 36 VIP boxes, 1 café, and 5 kiosks. With an arena of this size, used for many different types of events, it is important to have a system that is reliable and can easily be adapted to different operations.


With Munu Cloud, DNB Arena now has a complete solution that is fast, stable and easy to use. The staff have just the right tools in place to make daily operations easier, and they can deliver a seamless experience to their guests.


All sales figures from all outlets in the arena are updated immediately, and integrations to both accounting and the Oilers merch store ensure that all data is always up to date and easily accessable – in one place.




When ease of use is the main focus

All food and beverage sales in DNB Arena are run by Stavanger Oilers, and they depend on hired staff for restaurants, bars and VIP boxes, while volunteers handle sales in the kiosks. The hired staff and volunteers experience with POS systems will often vary and it is therefore essential to have a POS system in place in the arena that is easy to use and requires very little training. With Munu POS anyone can efficiently serve 4,000 hockey fans one day and 6,000 Sting fans the next.


Guests in the arena can also choose to order food and drinks themselves from their mobile phone using the Oilers branded Munu webshop, and the staff will make sure the order is served to the guests at their table as quickly as possible. This is a very convenient solution for both guests and staff in the arena. All modules in Munu Cloud use the same articles and rules for printing, and hence Munu webshop follows the same pattern as if the order was placed on the POS by the staff.

Munu POS is straightforward to use and requires no or very little training. This makes it effective for both the staff in the restaurants and lodges and the volunteers that handle kiosk sales.

Munu Cloud


A highly customizable platform, Munu Cloud can be adapted to different needs. Explore the modules used in DNB Arena below, or contact us for a demo.