Munu & Mews

All orders for accomodation, food and drink, in one place.

Previously, managing hotel room payments, bills across several dining venues and room service in each hotel posed challenges, requiring manual efforts due to disconnected checkout points. Reporting sales and stock status also required extensive manual effort.

Now, using the Mews & Munu integration, data flows seamlessly. All data and reporting can be handled in a far simpler way, allowing hotel staff to focus on providing the best possible service to their guests while keeping full control of operations.

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Ensuring a seamless guest experience experience from check-in to check-out.

Thanks to the integration of Munu Cloud and Mews (PMS system), a secure and automated data flow between Munu Cloud and Mews keeps their data up to date and provides them with unique insights. The hotel staff can now efficiently handle bookings, payments and services in one unified platform. This translates to a more streamlined and efficient experience for both the hotel staff and guests.

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62°NORD offer exceptional hotels; Storfjord Hotel, Union Øye Hotel and Brosundet Hotel.

Modules used.

Different modules simplify operations and allow hotel staff to provide excellent service while maintaining full control.

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