Control food costs and reduce waste

Control food costs and reduce waste

With automatic tracking and straightforward reporting in real-time, you will never lose track of your inventory again.

Did the guest request a particular wine? A specific dish? No matter the request, your staff has the answer. With inventory available on a mobile POS, the server has real-time updates on availability without ever having to leave the table.

Easy access to all key figures

  • Real-time view of your inventory and popular menu items.
  • Automatic menu updates based on real-time inventory changes as recipes sync to the POS.
  • Inventory lists organised by locations makes inventory counting faster
  • Need to move items across your business? Make additions with automatic restocking.

Plug the leaks. Control your costs.

Reducing waste improves your bottom line – and it’s good for the planet too.

Automatically create and place orders when inventory levels run low.

Done right, an updated inventory management system saves time, reduces food waste and increases revenue.

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