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    Sun. Rain.

    To run a restaurant or bar in the Norwegian summer season demands flexibility. Make sure you’ve got the tools that support your ever-changing operations. See tips below how Munu supports flexibility.
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    Tips for an agile summer

    • You can customize the POS to match your staff. Hiding the more advanced functions for summer subsitutes to make sure they have a clean tool that easy to learn.


    • Make each menu change automatically on set times; like hiding spirits before 13 pm, adding beer. This helps your staff and because everything is connected these changes can also be set to QR codeordering if you use that.


    • Past pandemic the use of QR codes has decreased, but it’s still an effective tool in you toolbox. If the sun suddenly shines you can open the outdoor seating area with QR-code ordering while waiting for more staff to arrive at work.


    • You can open and close outdoor dining, departments, takeaway and QR codes and much more, at the checkout and be sure that all sales channels are updated automatically.


    • If you suddenly have a big group entering your venue and you see that the kitchen will be all booked the next hours, you can quickly add 2 hours preperation time to your Takeaway orders directly at your POS. When the deviation expires the time is automatically set back to normal.


    • With Adyen bank terminal it’s easy to move payment terminals around. You can use the payments outside during daytime and move it inside at evening and the bar activity increases.


    • Running a busy bar then it’s good to have multiple bank terminals per POS. Then your barkeeper can take next order while other guests fumble with their pincodes. The POS shows all status’ so the barkeeper still have full control. As far as we know the “record” holder for number of bankterminals to a single POS is 7. That’s efficiency!

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