More sales and fewer phone calls by going online

More sales and fewer phone calls by going online

Munu Webshop is tailor-made for online sales of food and beverages. It is fully integrated with the POS and ensures an excellent guest experience, whether ordering online or at your restaurant.

Get started quickly with Munu Webshop. Since it’s a fully integrated part of our ecosystem, you can easily add and edit existing articles — or make new ones — and build webpages like on the POS. All you need is a brief training session, and you’re good to go.

How can an integrated online store make the kitchen run more smoothly?

By using the same items, identical prints and allowing chefs to edit delivery time and offers directly on the POS.

How Munu Webshop works

  1. The customer opens the online store on their mobile, tablet or laptop.
  2. The customer receives the appropriate menu based on location and delivery type.
  3. After adding all the items to their shopping cart, the customer either pays as a guest or logs in to pay.
  4. All orders are printed with the same logic as if you placed the order on the POS.
  5. The order is automatically converted to a paid order, with the correct payment type so that the settlement is accurate.

In our experience, the guest buys more when allowed to take their own time and place the order online. Munu Webshop gives you the tools to delight the online guest just as if they were in your restaurant being served by your qualified staff.

You get a webshop that:

  • is optimised for mobile use with responsive web design
  • opens in the browser without installation requirement
  • makes sure all orders are sent to printers in the kitchen or bar
  • is secure and using an SSL certificate
  • can be saved on a mobile phone as an app (PWA)
  • automatically stores all paid orders with the correct payment type
  • is ready for QR codes and NFC technology
  • offers different payment solutions like Vipps and payment cards.
  • gives your guests the choice of logging in or not  — it’s up to you


We first developed an online store after getting requests from clients back in 2018. They wanted to offer the articles they had in the POS online so guests could browse and place an order.

The Munu Webshop module is always improving and continually offers added flexibility and functionality.

Since the beginning, the number of online stores has grown from 73 in 2019 to over 400 in 2020.

Rolf Jørgen Bowitz

Head of sales, Munu AS

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