Multipay increases revenue and reduces waiting

Multipay increases revenue and reduces waiting

Several integrated payment solutions connected to each POS streamline your business and improves the guest experience. You can serve more guests, faster, with less waiting.

Working in a busy bar while guests take their time entering payment information? With Multipay you can take your next order while payment is being processed.

Full control from behind the bar

Munu Multipay allows the server to exceed guest expectations: They can check status, control code input and more without looking at the payment device. All to help the guest to make the correct payment while already taking the new order.

The combination of Munu POS and Multipay lets Christiania welcome more bar guests in a shorter time than before. It’s increased their revenue while guests get served quicker – a much better experience for all.

Watch how Multipay made a difference at Christiana bar and restaurant in Oslo.

Do you want to reduce the wait at your bar by reducing the wait, not the number of guests? Multipay can be your answer.

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