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    Perfect tools
    for hotel food & bevarage.

    Enhance guest experiences with Munu’s specialized POS for food and beverage. Seamlessly integrated with Mews, Munu is deployed in over 180 hotels, both large and small, across Scandinavia – a must-try for anyone in hotel food and beverage.

    3 things to love

    Made by people that love food and tech

    Created by people with experience in food and beverage operations, you can rest assured that we meet your current and future needs. Fully customizable, we’ll help you find the perfect setup for your hotel.

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    Easy to use: Fast, stable and connected

    Activate Munu integration for sales data in Mews’ markedplace to provide guests and staff with a seamless experience, and management with a centralized source of truth.

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    Flexible and built to scale

    Munu Cloud is modular, suitable for both small and large hotels. Activate specific modules as opportunities arise. Whether you have few or many departments, we’ve got you!

    Together, let’s find your perfect setup: Custom offers for every hotel, small or large!

    Strawberry hotels

    Munu awarded “Tech Supplier for the year”

    In 2022, we installed Munu in the first Strawberry hotel in just 48 hours! Now, Munu operates in 170+ hotels across 4 countries. We’re thrilled to be honored as “Tech Supplier of the Year 2023” by Strawberry, thanks to the jury’s positive remarks:


    • Challenging us to rethink operations and broaden our views.
    • Providing tools for profit creation through optimization, increased event turnover, and more time for our guests.
    • Establishing an efficient process with a very high level of delivery.


    We’re grateful for the recognition and committed to advancing our tools to maintain industry excellence. Exciting times ahead!

    3 persons at the Award ceremony at VK2023

    Proud winners at the soon to be Strawberry Arena in Stockholm

    Hotel case studies

    • Malmo Live Strawberry hotel interior

      Malmö Live & Hotel Friends

      We supports many hotels hosting conferences and events with flexible solutions. Easily relocate devices without costly installations. Post sales on invoice and room seamlessly for efficient event management.

    • hotel interior

      Best Western Plus Kungens Kurva

      Efficiency is crucial for both large chains and smaller standalone hotels. Our experienced onboarding team collaborates with each client to understand their needs and together identifies ways to improve operations. This collaboration is key to success.

    • hotel art installation

      Clarion Hotel® Draken

      For hotels like Clarion Hotel® Draken which has different types of restaurants, bars and social meeting places the flexibilty Munu brings to the table is very important. Through configuration we can easily adapt each place with the tools the best support their operations.

    • interior bar

      Villa Copenhagen

      Thanks to our partnership with Strawberry, we’ve been able to install Munu in Denmark, Finland, Svalbard, and soon, the Faroe Islands. Developed in Norway, Munu Cloud is perfectly aligned with the Northern way of doing things.

    Want to know more?

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Henrik Severin, our Swedish Country Sales Manager.


    He’s an important part of the Strawberry delivery team and is ready to share his expertise with you.


    Phone: +46 766 11 02 44



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    Planning to grow? So do we!

    Our POS is just one of our offers in Munu Cloud platform. You can activate the modules you need when you need it. And you will of course have available all the new features and improvements that will come along as we keep on expaning our company and cloud.

    Let’s get started.
    It’s easy.

    Give Henrik Severin a call: +46 766 11 02 44

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