A booking system available on POS

A booking system available on POS

With Munu POS and booking you don't have to check availability in different systems. All information is available for the booking office, your guests and the staff. Of course, all statuses are displayed in real-time.

Tired of guest not showing up to bookings they’ve made? Using most of your time on the telephone or emailing back and forth instead of taking care of your guests?

Munu Booking will help you streamline your bookings and reduce time spent on administration.

 Is this your new everyday-situation?

  • The guests check availability on your website using your always updated online booking widget.
  • You and your staff can easily check in your guest register if this guest has special needs, preferences, and when their last visit was. You can even see their full order history!
  • If you wish, you can send a booking confirmation containing a personal message or even the menu.
  • By adding Munu Webshop to the process you can, instead of a PDF, send a link where the guest can place their order (and pay) in advance. Perfect for big parties and efficient business lunches!
  • If you are using our inventory management system it’s easy to see what you want to sell or need to re-order before the party arrives.
  • The booking system will also automatically send a reminder to the guest, resulting in fewer no-shows and in the end, better revenue.
  • When guests arrive to your restaurant all your staff can check availability directly on POS and even their small Mobile POS. No need to log in to another system, it’s all in Munu Cloud.


Don’t be forgotten! Send automatic reminders to guests that have booked tables, reminding them of their reservations.

Key features

  • Online booking widget that you can place on your website to make it easy for guest to book online. You can adapt the color scheme of the widget to match your overall webdesign.
  • By opening and closing areas in your restaurant as you please, you can maximize your capacity at all times.
  • Create different seating charts to match the different seasons’ requirements.
  • When a party has asked the waiter for the bill, the booking module will automatically set the table status as available and ready for new guests.

All changes are automatically updated in the booking system, POS and the online booking widget. So you have more time to make sure your guests are having a good time!

Information will help you succeed

In addition to information updated in real time on the seating plan table status, we know that to have more information at hand is important to serve guests exceptionally!

CRM-functionality in guest register:

Within the customer register you have full overview of the customer history.  You can easily access information like:

  • how many times the guest has visited
  • view complete order history and even print receipts from former visits
  • personalized information such as favorite wine, favorite tables and allergens

Reports and statistics:

  • Follow up and get a good overview in advance of how you are doing compared to previous years.
  • A transparent information flow to different departments makes it easier to make shift schedules and purchase orders in the various departments.
  • You can easily get lists of previous business guests and events to be used for re-sale purposes.

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