A complete Munu POS at every table

A complete Munu POS at every table

Stop wasting time taking manual orders and running back and forth to the POS. Munu Mobile POS lets your server take orders and fire tickets before leaving the table.

How many steps has Mobile POS saved the staff for?

With a complete POS at your fingertips, there will be no more waiting for the POS to create orders. And no more memorising orders. Get it right, right away.

Eliminating unnecessary steps means less waiting and happier guests.


 Less time spent walking back and forth gives staff more time to serve guests.

An all-in-one POS in your staff’s pocket

All mobile devices use the same system, just like a fixed POS. Whether you’re on a big or small screen, it’s all still there just like you’re already used to.

No matter the interface, it’s all the same system. Learn it once and get back to business.

More efficient staff, more efficient use of space: Fewer fixed POS means more room for everything else.

Boost productivity and maximise sales with our easy-to-use POS.

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