Happy guests makes loyal regulars

Happy guests makes loyal regulars

Munu Loyalty Program is flexible to set up and easy to use. You set the rules and choose how many programs you want to offer your guests.

Do you interact with your guests in multiple settings? Does your staff have the tools to make sure the guest feels special?

With Munu Loyalty Program your staff always has access to all guest information whether they are booking a table, making an online order or is at your counter.

What is best for you and your guests?

Choose one or more types of loyalty programs:

  • Cashpoints
    Earn points to be used to pay future order
  • Stamp cards
    Earn a free item after buying a set number of items
  • Coupons
    Offer discounts to registered guests.
  • Pre-paid cards
    Bundle multiple items and give a discount when guests pre-pay.

You can also top up your guests’ value from Munu Cloud if you need to address a guest complaint.



Munus first client using prepaid cards was the Student organisation i Oslo (SiO). They offer discounted coffee and food cards for students.

You make the rules

You can easily add or remove articles to be included in the loyalty program. You can add and remove coupongs to customer groups or individiuals. You can add coupons to groups or add any type of value to specific guest to make them extra happy.

How the guest registers

If you already have a user catalogue we add this with secure single-sign-on. The guest will register using their phone number as secure identification. Munu Cloud offers easy sign-on options such as Facebook and Google. We are currently collaborating with VIPPS to provide mobile payment combined customer loyalty solution.

To make it as effortless as possible for your guest to identify themselves we offer several ways of identification: Membership card, employee card, bank card and QR-code. 

How to get started?

Do you already know how your loyalty program should be like or would you like to discuss different solutions? Either way our experienced onboarding team will guide you through the practicalities and setup to ensure the best solution for you and your guests.

Want to see Munu Cloud for yourself?