Use your data to enhance the guest experience and drive revenue

Use your data to enhance the guest experience and drive revenue

With all your guest data in Munu Cloud you can get better guest insight. Use this insight to optimize your offerings, menus, marketing and operations. Enhancing your guest experience will encourage brand loyalty and drive revenue. All guest data in Munu Cloud is of course your property.

The fully integratet database in Munu Cloud keeps track of all registered users – your guests. This information is your property, containing orderhistory, trends, locations, addresses and contact information. You have the ability to optimize your marketing and offers by using segmenting and different customer groups.

No need to export and manipulate rows of data from different solutions – it’s all in Munu Cloud.

What insight is valuable for you? 

  • How many new vs. repeat customers walked through your doors last month?
  • What are repeat customers ordering vs. new? 
  • How often are guests returning and how is their ordersum developing over time? 
  • Does your marketing campaigns have an effect on renevue?
  • Will change in prices result in a change in sales? 

Omni-channel tracking

With Munu Cloud modules you have a multi-channel approach to selling and serving your guests in a way that creates an integrated and cohesive guest experience no matter how or where a customer reaches out. This allows you to track data across all channels, such as POS, webshop, self-service ordering and booking.

Brand loyality

The guest database is a integral part for our loyalty program. To increase sales, guests’ order sum and number of visits you can use coupons, rewards and special prices.

Technology can help you address the growing demand for customization in products, service offered – and the guest’s need to be unique and experience personal service. 

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