Time spent on accounting can be used to grow your business

Time spent on accounting can be used to grow your business

In the Munu Cloud portal you'll find all necessary reports and exports you need to have updated accounting and if you choose to connect the data flow from Munu Cloud to directly to your accounting system you don't need to think about manual tasks or reminders.

In Munu Cloud, you find all reports neccesary to update your financial accounts. However, we recommend you to check if you current accounting system includes integrations supported by us.

This enables that all sales data, payments, orders for invoicing are automatically transferred. In addition to always being up to speed on the status of your business this will reduce costs, eliminate manual dataentry, reminders, filetransfers etc.

We integrate with a wide varity of systems

The following systems have direct API connections with providing direct automatic system-to-sytem communication giving up-to-date data with no manual interactions or files:

Munu Cloud have automated fileexport support for the following accounting systems:

  • Visma Business
  • Visma Global
  • Xledger
  • UniMicro
  • Mamut

We also support system-agnostic transfers using transport methods like Azure Service Bus and equivalent.

Please contact us for more information at post@munu.cloud.

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