Munu Cloud – the manager’s secret sauce

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With Munu Cloud you get access to fully integrated modules that streamline your operations and boost your profits. Munu Cloud can be installed on all modern hardware — you choose.

To make sure your business runs smoothly we can also provide modern, robust and reliable hardware. Contact us for more information about different financial solutions or rental agreements.

A short introduction to the Munu Cloud Modules

Our point of sales system (POS) is the natural entry point to Munu Cloud. It’s tailor-made for professionals in the hospitality business and fully customizable, so it’ll do exactly what you need. If you don’t need some functions, you won’t see them. This makes our POS very easy-to-use and super responsive and fast.

By using the small Mobile POS you free up valuable floor-space and offer a better tableside experience to guests. The order is sent directly and therefor eliminates time wasted on returing to a fixed POS to enter an order. Faster service for the guest and fewer steps for the server.

Add our self-service ordering module to let the guest take control of their experience. When they’re ready to order and pay, our fully integrated system generates all the necessary tickets and inventory updates automatically.

Never lose track of your inventory with our inventory management module. Guest, waiter or manager? They can all get real-time access to availability. This is also true for Munu Webshop which automatically uses the data from Munu Cloud to give online guests the same experience as when they visit your cafe or restaurant.

Guest insight in Munu Cloud can give both staff and customers 24/7 access to orders, loyalty program status’, rewards programs and price rules. Whether they log-in to an online shop, book a table online or call to place an order — guest details and preferences are always at your fingertips.

At the end of the day, our integrations let your complete accounting numbers flow automatically to your preferred accounting system.

All your information is accessible with mobile-friendly dashboards and specialised reports, so managers always have easy and direct access to status updates and key figures. Better insight — better decisions. That’s why we call Munu Cloud the manager’s secret sauce.

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