Spiseriet- an experience beyond just taste

Spiseriet- an experience beyond just taste

With a beautiful view of the fjord and the mountains, Spiseriet welcomes you to a bright and airy environment in one of Europe's greatest concert halls - Stavanger Konserthus. Stavanger concert hall offers a comprehensive program year-round ranging from performances by Stavanger symphony orchestra to gospel, rock, children's theater, dance and stand-up comedy.

Multiple sections — one integrated payment solution

Spiseriet manages all food and drink service at Stavanger Concert Hall, across multiple sections indoor and outdoor. Thus, it was important for Spiseriet to work together with its technology provider to find a fully integrated solution to their needs. This solution includes Munu Cloud, fixed POS’, wireless payment terminals and mobile event POS’ — as well as a the Munu self-service ordering module where guests can order and pay for food and drinks on their mobile devices.

The fixed POS solutions are in use across the concert hall, the restaurant, the bars and Kuppelhallen. Mobile event POS’ and wireless payment terminals are used for events of different sizes, both indoors and outdoors. They can also rent extra POS for larger events like the Tall Ship Races and the outdoor food festival Gladmat.

Munu self-service module – order and pay on mobile devices

Guests at Spiseriet can choose to order and pay on their mobile devices using the self-service module. This option is safe and effective while freeing up staff for other tasks. Spiseriet’s visual profile is implemented in the digital menu and the self-service module. Management has the option to change the menu items and pricing through the cloud.

The advantage of Munu self-service ordering is that it’s fully integrated into the Munu Cloud ecosystem. Every mobile order is automatically converted to a paid order with the correct payment type, resulting in accurate settlements. Tickets are automatically printed in the kitchen or bar. Menu items and pricing can easily be updated via the cloud.

Munu Webshop – dinner kits as takeaway

Due to restrictions, Spiseriet also opened a takeaway webshop in 2020. The guests can easily order, pay and pick up food-kits containing local food and beverages, and with the help of an enclosed “food assembly manual” enjoy fantastic food in the safety of their home.

Even when the restaurant is closed their guests can enjoy Spiseriets wonderful food in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Munu Cloud – take control from anywhere

Munu Cloud provides a fully-integrated solution for Spiseriet. It’s configured for POS’ and payment terminals, employee profiles, updating menus, items and pricing — for the POS,  webshop and self-service ordering solution. Here, you can also quickly access relevant reports and key metrics in real-time. Since it’s cloud-based, you’ll always have access as long as you can have internet access.


Spiseriet chose PowerOffice Go as their accounting software, which Munu Cloud’s API can connect to directly — transferring updated data without the need for manual intervention.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, offering foods and drinks before and after the performances. Did you know that Spiseriet also offers pre-orders for drinks during the intermission?

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