Seamless shopping in app and in stores

Seamless shopping in app and in stores

SiO is using Munu POS and webshop to offer students and university employees the option of shopping with their mobile devices through the "Mitt SiO" app as well as in all their 40 locations.

SiO is the welfare organisation for students at 26 educational institutions in Oslo and Akershus. Their food and beverage offerings cover a wide range of categories, from cafeterias to coffee shops and themed eateries. Whether you’re in the mood for authentic Mexican food at Tacoteket, ramen and poke bowls at Ramen-Ya or sustainable gourmet lunches at KUTT Gourmet — SiO has something on offer for all 67.000 students affiliated students.

SiO is using Munu POS as both self service and manned checkouts, self-service ordering in restaurant, and offers takeaway in their native app, Mitt SiO. By embedding Munu webshop in the app the students and employees avoid more logging in and will find all their orderhistory, get the correct prices and offers.  

In cooperation with SiO we developed prepaid coupons for coffee and dinner. The guest get a discount by buying 10 dinners or coffees up front. And the best part is that the studen can send a payment request to someone else they think might want to pay for for them. A secure way for parents to pay for their student’s dinners.

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