Fresh ingredients and serious craftsmanship

Fresh ingredients and serious craftsmanship

Sabi Sushi believes the pure ingredients and serious craftsmanship rooted in the Japanese culinary tradition. They aim to give their guests an unforgettable taste experience, which they are soon accomplishing all over Norway.

Sabi Sushi founder Roger Asakil Joya arrived in Norway from the Philippines as a teenager. After working at several sushi restaurants in Oslo, including Alex Sushi, he decided to move to Stavanger and open the first Sabi Sushi in 2011 together with two investors. Today, Sabi Sushi counts several Sabi restaurants (both takeaway and dine-in), Omakase by Roger Asakil Joya in Stavanger and Omakase by Vladimir Pak in Oslo. In 2017, Omakase by Roger Asakil Joya received a Michelin guide star, a feat they repeated in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Omakase by Vladimir Pak in Oslo received their first Michelin star in 2020.

Forward-looking solutions for a growing company

The Sabi group has ambitious growth goals and was looking for a solution that would offer scale benefits when upgrading the POS — both hardware and software. Larger restaurant groups like Sabi Sushi often choose a provider to co-operate with, adapting and evolving the system as the company expands.

Sabi Sushi’s primary system consists of the Munu POS with Munu Cloud and accounting integration. All fully integrated to simplify day-to-day operations, including detailed reports and easy maintenance of menu items, pricing, offers, discounts, employees, gift cards and marketing campaigns. Owners and managers have differentiated access quickly giving them access to relevant key metrics regardless of where they are.

Munu POS is cloud-based, which means that you can access the system from any device (workstation, tablet, smartphone) in any location as long as you have internet access.

Munu Cloud is where you create all units and link them to POS’ and bank terminals. This is also where you add all menu items, pricing, employees and customer data. You can also create dedicated loyalty programs and offers directly in the cloud. All changes made in the cloud automatically synchronises to the various POS, and all restaurant sales are automatically synchronised with the reports. Sabi Sushi management has easy access to all key metrics and can log-in with any browser to keep an eye on revenue and reports in real-time.

Integrated online shop optimised for takeaway sales

Sabi chose Munu webshop to manage all their takeaway orders. Since all Munu modules are fully integrated in the Munu ecosystem, everything seamlessly works together. Management can easily update the menus, items and pricing through the cloud.

When a guest registers with Sabi, whether online or in the restaurant, they automatically get access to their digital profile, including their order history – and can place orders through their mobile device or desktop. Guests can also choose to save the online shop as an app on their mobile device. All online orders are automatically sent to the POS marked as either paid or awaiting payment, and the ticket is printed in the kitchen.

Munu integrations

Munu Cloud offers various integrations. Sabi Sushi makes use of the accounting integration that allows sales and invoice data to automatically synchronise with their accounting software. Every day at the end of service, the sales data is transferred through the API to the accounting software as soon as the z-report is run. POS integrated payment terminals also allow for payment card transactions like Visa, BankAxept, Mastercard and others to be directly synched with the general ledger saving time and money.

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