The Panorama Club

The Panorama Club

Panorama is more than just a restaurant or a club — it's a meeting place.

Located in Katowice, The Panorama Club was founded in 2005, taking its name from the old polish PRL weekly-magazine in Śląsk. In the ’70s and ’80s, Panorama Magazine was a window to the world created in spite of an extreme socialist political environment.

Opposing current trends like fast food and mood-killing sterile interiors, Panorama offers specials like “Sunday Slasov” and the famous Katowice “Pommarry?” — a giant potato pie served with a stew. Several dishes have remained on the menu for over a decade, and helpful waiters and bartenders will advise you when making your selection.

The music at The Panorama Club is designed to create an engaging atmosphere. Occasionally, the venue also organizes live concerts with some taking place in a room where the central decor elements are pictures of previous performances and guitars with dedications.

In Panorama, you can listen to both young, promising musicians as well as popular, established acts. During the summer season, the music scene and the rest of Panorama’s activity move into a vast garden where the noise and conversation are heard until the early morning.

Panorama’s ’70s and ’80s wibe is evident not only in the food but also in the interior design. 

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