From hockey match to concert stage in 24 hours

From hockey match to concert stage in 24 hours

DNB Arena is a modern multi-purpose arena that houses numerous entertainment and sports events. Stavanger Oilers run all dining and sales points in the arena on Munu POS.

User friendly and easy to use

With five kiosks, three bars, café, restaurant with bar, and VIP department with bar and dining, it is essential that the POS can be adapted quickly to different operations and needs in the arena. Munu has delivered over 40 POS terminals several Mobile POS and Self-service ordering in all the bars and arenas that are open for the public.

Munu POS is straightforward to use and requires no or very little training. This makes it effective for both the staff in the restaurants and lodges and the volunteers that handle kiosk sales.

This makes it possible and quick for DNB Arena to serve both 4 000 hockey fans as well as 6 000 Sting-fans the next day.

Real-time reports

All sales figures are updated immediately. This gives the management in DNB Arena full control. They can easily log in via a browser and see all turnover figures and reports in real time, either on a laptop or on their mobile phones.

Integrations to merchandise store and accounting make sure that all data is up to date. Always. 

Munu has been a proud sponsor of Stavanger Oilers since 2018.

Safe self-service ordering

To ensure visitor safety and the operating of the arena more efficiently, the Munu Self-service ordering module is part of the delivery to DNB Arena.

Implementing self-service ordering for DNB Arena was fast and easy, because all Munu Cloud modules use the same article content and rules for prints. Every order visitors place and pay on their phones follows the same rules and flow as if punched on a POS by an employee.

This lets staff focus on serving visitors at their table as quickly as possible.

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