A piece of Italy in Poland

A piece of Italy in Poland

Manufaktura Marcello in Katowice has been a family tradition full of passion since 2017, which originated from a love of Italy and its flavours. The menu is based around pizza and desserts produced daily and on the spot, with high-quality ingredients imported from Italy. The menu offers delicious tastes and the venue offers a friendly, family style atmosphere like in a real Italian trattoria.

Manufaktura Marcello is primarily a Neapolitan pizzeria with a unique, informal atmosphere and excellent food. The dough is baked with only flour, water, salt and yeast, before cooked in a wood-fired oven. The pizza centre is thin and moist and the crust is thick and crunchy.

Artisanal methods create the unique Marcello ice cream that customers of all ages adore.
Ice cream based on tried and true proprietary recipes made with commitment, passion and heart.

The secret to their flavour — carefully selected products of exceptional quality: Fresh milk, cream, cane and grape sugar, combined with high-quality ingredients like IGP certified nuts, the best cocoa varieties and fresh fruit.

With both POS and Webshop from Munu they now have a digital platform from which theirs guests can place orders whenever they have time and the flexibility in Munu Cloud is also i beneficial to the restaurateurs who can follow up on sales, orders, staffs’ working hours, update the menu and prices and more by using their mobile phone, laptop or tablet. As they grow and expand it will be easy to increase efficiency by using even more of Munu’s modules.

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