Early adopter of self-service ordering

Early adopter of self-service ordering

In the summer of 2019, Lekter'n was the first restaurant in Norway to let guests order and pay for food and drinks using our self-service ordering on their mobile devices.

Lekter’n is Oslo’s largest summer season restaurant and has been serving good food and refreshing drinks since opening their taps on 17 May 1986.

After using Munu POS for a few years the owners (Mat og Drikke Gruppen) asked us to make a fully integrated solution for self-service ordering on mobile.

We were up for the challenge and developed the completely integrated self-service ordering module.

After a test period the new solution was launched with great success.

– Guests get faster and better service, and your typical business lunch is very efficient, CEO in Mat og Drikke Gruppen Tone Langbach, told E24 in an interview to e24.no in June 2019 (in Norwegian only).

All orders made by guests on their mobile devices are automatically converted to paid orders, with the correct payment types, resulting in the correct settlement.

In addition to POS and self-service ordering, Lekter’n uses Munu’s inventory management module and accounting integration.

This gives Lekter’n complete control over inventory, consumption, supplementation, receipts and waste. They can track inventory status in real-time, and inventory can be performed daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc.

Through the integration with their accounting software (24SevenOffice), both sales and invoice files are transferred automatically. This saves the company both time and money. 

After the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, self-service ordering allowed our clients to stay safe and remain efficient.

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