Ambitious baker in need of ambitious tech-partner

Ambitious baker in need of ambitious tech-partner

With gourmet bread in high demand and several cafes in operation, Kanelsnurren needed a technology supplier that could contribute to an excellent shopping experience for guests and make everyday life a little easier for employees.

Krarup and his wife Lærke Olesen started Kanelsnurren in 2008. In recent years, Kanelsnurren has had great growth and plans to open 30 to 40 new outlets over a seven-year period.


With Munu POS, Kanelsnurren has a future-oriented system that is easy to use for employees and makes payments fast and simple for their guests.


Our integration with the accounting system gives Kanelsnurren easy access to a complete view of up-to-date key figures.

Founders Torben and Lærke have lofty ambitions for Kanelsnurren. Every day they strive to bake the world’s best bread!

The employees at Kanelsnurren are delighted with the solution provided by Munu because all functionality is easy to use, there is no downtime, and makes trading much more straightforward and comfortable for customers.

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