Justisen – restaurant, bar and backyard

Justisen – restaurant, bar and backyard

Justisen restaurant is a modern bistro in one of Oslo's oldest buildings, constructed in 1625. Modern, Nordic cuisine based on fresh, in-season products is key to their success.

Upstairs you’ll find multiple bars with a unique ambience. Named “The lounges”, this part takes inspiration from its initial use as a residence. Furniture and other interiors were kept as they were when the section was turned into a poor, adding to the authentic atmosphere.

The best part is arguably the backyard, where it’s summer year-round. This is the place to enjoy refreshments at the outdoor bar while listening to music and hanging out with your friends and colleagues. As the night progresses the tables move out of the way, and the backyard is transformed into a busy dancefloor with music by Oslo’s top DJs.

Multiple sections — an efficient fully-integrated payment solution

Munu Cloud allows you to configure all POS, add an update menu items, employees and accounting settings. Because the system is cloud-based, you always have access as long as you have internet access.

Every employee receives a personal user account. In co-operation with Nordia Pay, we’ve implemented a multi-payment system that allows several bank terminals to run on the same POS without freezing. Thus, we avoid the payment process becoming a bottleneck, and the bartenders can work more effectively. All bars at Justisen utilise the same solution, with a unique number of bank terminals connected to each POS according to demand.

The POS in the restaurant is configured in a way best suited for the restaurant. Guests can enjoy a drink in the backyard before they sit down to eat, and the bartender in the backyard can create a table setting that is then later resumed in the restaurant section. Everything automatically synchronises across the different sections.

Munu Cloud self-service ordering – order and pay on mobile

Guests can choose to order and pay for food and drinks on their mobile device. This provides a safe and easy option for guests while freeing up staff for other tasks.

Since the self-service ordering module is fully integrated into the ecosystem, all mobile orders are automatically converted to paid, with the right payment type, making settlements a breeze. Tickets are automatically printed in the kitchen or bar, while menu items and pricing can be updated in the cloud.

Munu Cloud – it just works

Everything is configured Munu Cloud, where you can add and update menu items and pricing, edit self-service menus, add employee profiles and manage the accounting module. Munu Cloud is cloud-based which means that you can access it from any browser from anywhere globally as long as you have internet access, and every employee can receive a unique user.

Accounting integration

Justisen uses the accounting software Tripletex. Through the Munu Cloud API, the z-report with all the relevant numbers is automatically transferred to the accounting software at the end of the day. The general ledger is automatically updated without the need for manual intervention from an accountant.

Justisen is part of the restaurant and event group byOSLO

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