Bygdøy Allè 3 – restaurant, bar, cafe and stage

Bygdøy Allè 3 – restaurant, bar, cafe and stage

Venerable Bygdøy Allé 3 is an address steeped in history, beginning with Jacquets Bagatelle in 1932, to Eivind Hellstrøm's Bagatelle, founded in 1982, and created a generation of new star chefs throughout its 27-year life. November 1, 2018, Bygdøy Allé 3 opened its doors, a restaurant, bar, cafe and stage spread out over two floors and founded by restaurant event group ByOslo.

The restaurant offers high-level culinary experiences, and after the meal, you can continue the night in the second-floor outdoor bar, the cocktail bar on the ground floor or at the Inkognito stage in the basement, where you’ll find concerts, stand-up comedy and film screenings.

Efficiency is key

An efficient, quick and easy POS solution is crucial for a business with lots of activity across various sections. Munu has provided a POS system with a full bar solution.

Together with Nordia Pay, we’ve implemented multi-payments that allow you the client to run multiple bank terminals concurrently on the same POS without it freezing. This way, the payment process doesn’t turn into a bottleneck, and the bartenders can handle orders more effectively.

The different bars all run the same solution but have varying numbers of bank terminals connected — according to demand. Guests often want a cocktail in one of the bars before dinner, and this way it’s easy for the bartenders to create a bill for the guests in the bar that can be resumed later in the restaurant section. Everything connects seamlessly across the different sections.

Munu Cloud allows you to configure all POS, add an update menu items, employees and accounting settings. Because the system is cloud-based, you always have access as long as you have internet access. Every employee receives a personal user account.

Bygdøy Allé 3 uses Tripletex as their accounting software. With the Munu Cloud API connection, the z-report is automatically transferred to the accounting software at the end of each day. The general ledger is automatically updated without the need for manual intervention.

Bygdøy Allé 3 is a part of byOSLO, a young organization that creates great places like Justisen, Nedre Løkka, F6, IVY, Stratos and Gamle Museet – all using Munu Cloud.

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