Career opportunities at Munu

Career opportunities at Munu

Want to join us in improving hospitality tech?

Munu is a Norwegian tech company that develops its own SaaS technology solution specifically for the hospitality industry.

Our mission is to provide a platform for people in the hospitality industry that makes everyone and everything work together.

We achieve this by hiring skilful people with a unique mix of expertise and experience. Some of us are IT experts that think the hospitality industry is fascinating, and some are former restauranteurs that are passionate about IT and digitalisation.

Trond was our first hire back in 2016, and he’s become a crucial part of our team. Trond has previously worked in the hospitality industry, performing several roles in different organisations. For both our customers and us, this experience is invaluable when making sure the IT solutions we develop are practical and solves problems in the best way possible. So if you, like Trond, have experience from the hospitality industry, an IT mindset and fresh ideas about how the industry can be digitised – get in touch for a chat!


We currently have 58 employees in Norway (Stavanger, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim) and Poland (Katowice).

Although we work in teams across multiple locations and have diverse backgrounds, we all share:

  • A solid understanding of technical solutions
  • A desire to improve and help both customers and colleagues
  • Curiosity about new challenges
  • A solution-oriented and independent mindset

When you call our 24-hour support centre, you might reach Heming or Mohammed at our HelpDesk in Stavanger. Mohammed has been with Munu for four years, while Heming joined us in 2021. As a new employee, you’ll quickly get up to speed thanks to helpful colleagues who are eager to share their expertise. We receive lots of feedback from customers who brag about our HelpDesk — we’re very proud of it!

Do you have outstanding technical knowledge and want to join our team? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We know that our greatest asset is our employees, which is why we aspire to make everyone look forward to coming to work – whether that’s in person or remotely. Munu offers industry-standard insurance and pension benefits to all employees. We’re co-owned by the local investment company Øgreid AS, which provides valuable support and expertise in continuing to grow the company. We aim to be nice, but being nice is also good for business — we want you to feel good, do good and grow with us.

We also have a newly started Munu esports team, which provides the perfect environment to get to know and socialise with your coworkers in a fun and laidback way. Right now we are mostly playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but we are always open to branching out to new titles. Maybe we’ll even start competing in the future? As of today, our esports team offers an alternative way to hang out and have fun after work — you’re welcome on the team no matter your age or skill level. If your gaming rig needs a boost to be competitive, we’ve got your back.

Rune is one of our developers, the ones that make it all happen. He has a background as a senior developer in a number of IT companies and is an integral part of our development team. We do all our development in-house and have employees working with a range of technologies, including Azure, Oracle Apex, UWP, React, REST API and integrations. If that’s your thing — don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.




We believe it’s essential to have fun at work, and when you first join the team you’ll receive training in products and services, but we bet you will have a few laughs along the way as well. 

Working with our clients in the hospitality industry is exciting, and we find inspiration in meeting extraordinary restauranteurs and industry leaders every day. 

Meet Kjersti, one of our phenomenal salespeople. To be a great salesperson it helps to be enthusiastic about people, but of course it`s even better when people are just as enthusiastic about you. Who doesn’t love this energic and down-to-earth woman? We certainly do.

As a salesperson at Munu, you get the independence and flexibility you need to perform at your best. All our salespeople perform a crucial part in explaining complex technical solutions in a straightforward way to our customers and provide feedback to the development teams about customer needs and wants. Want to join the team? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The hospitality industry is constantly evolving and offers limitless opportunities for digital solutions that increase margins and simplify everyday operations. We’re already number one in our field in Norway, and to stay ahead of the competition, we have to keep delivering excellent, easy-to-use solutions that allow our clients to focus on what they do best. Hospitality is not a one size fits all kind of business, and we’re all about delivering exactly what’s going to propel our clients to the next level.

We are lucky to have Tom and a whole team of colleagues on our “Customer Success Team”. They combine an in-depth understanding of our products and services with experience from “the other side” to help new customers get started with Munu Cloud.  Would you like to learn more about how the CMS team works? Get in touch today.


When we welcome new employees the first thing we teach them is the Munu Cloud fundamental: Munu Cloud aims to be an operating system for people working in the hospitality industry.

When our clients first subscribe to Munu Cloud, they get access to a range of useful modules. It’s up to the client which of the modules they would like to use in their daily operations.  Each module has a team dedicated to continual improvement, and all our teams work closely together. In Munu Cloud everything is connected and works together, whether it’s people, data or functionality.

Taran knows everything there is to know about booking. That’s why she makes the perfect product manager for our booking module. As a project manager, you’re responsible for every aspect of the module: strategy, business, functionality and backlog grooming. Of course, every team works closely together to create the best overall Munu solution for our clients, but you’re the expert — like Taran — when it comes to “your module”.

Want to meet us?

Do you think that Munu may be the right place for you, or are you just curious and want to learn more about us and the career opportunities we offer?

Please email us at and tell us a little about yourself. We always have room for more talented, friendly and exciting people.

Career opportunities

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Photos: Siv Sivertsen