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    Who is Munu?

    Munu is your Norwegian SaaS partner, dedicated to crafting software solutions for restaurants and bars. Our expert team in technology and hospitality brings you Munu Cloud, a flexible suite where you can activate modules tailored to your evolving needs. Explore our offerings, including Point of Sale, Booking, Webshop, Inventory, and Integrations, below – or contact us for a chat and a demo.

    Munu Cloud

    Fueling success in over 2,000 big and small locations serving food and beverages

    Things to love

    Always updated and easy to use

    • Build your POS-screen using drag-and-drop

      Select the functions your staff need to excell at their tasks and remove the ones that’s not needed. By creating roles with different privileges you can easily control who can do what. Making the POS an easy to use and fast tool your staff will love!

    • Update once and watch it update everywhere

      Update your articles in one place and it will be updated everywhere automatically. Making sure both customers, managers and staff have the correct information in all saleschannels and tools.

    • Advanced split bill and payment options

      Split, merge or transfer checks instantly no matter the complexity. Making sure that the moment of payment is as simple and positive as possible.

    • Add several payment terminals to serve more guests

      You don’t need to wait for a guest to pay before serving the next in line. With Multipay you can do several payments at the same time. The status’ of the different payments are shown directly on the POS-screen so staff can make sure all payments are made without the need to take their eyes off the POS.

    • Tracking and stats on all sales and bookings

      Up-to-date tracking and stats on your employees makes it easy to find the superstars in your team.


    Fast, stable, and customizable – the ideal solution for diverse needs

    Munu friends

    Meet some satisfied Munu users, and read their stories

      Munu image

      BA3, Oslo Event Hub, Justisen, Nedre Løkka, F6, IVY, Michaels, Libertine, Stratos

      Munu image

      We utilize the valuable insights provided by Munu Cloud to enhance and further develop our concepts.

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      DNB Arena

      Stavanger Oilers

      Concert in DNB Arena

      Munu POS is straightforward to use and requires no or very little training!

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      Munu image


      Chef in vegetable garden at Hotel Union Øye

      A Munu & Mews integration ensures that data flows seamlessly.

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      Logo of F


      restaurant group

      Mat illustrasjon

      We have had a close collaboration spanning several years.

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      Anders Braathen portrait

      Lava Oslo

      Smalhans interior

      Don’t spend time on tasks that can be handled digitally.

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      Bestilling via QR i nettbutikk hos Matmagasinet (


      Bestilling via QR i nettbutikk hos Matmagasinet (

      Several departments – one central hub for all operational data

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      Munu image


      Vulkanfisk fish counter

      Several departments – one system tailored to meet their specific needs.

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      Munu image

      Le Mathis Bistro

      Andreas Dalen og Nils Andris Hamre, Le Mathis

      The need for a reliable and user-friendly POS system.

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      sushi chef

      Sabi Sushi

      Munu image

      Innovative solutions for the future of a growing company.

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      Munu image

      Kanelsnurren – over 20 cafes, one cloud based system.

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      Munu image


      Munu image

      Hotel, restaurants, bars – all data in one place

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      Munu image

      Art Themis bar & café

      Munu image

      Effectively managing a bar with a tailored POS system

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      Munu image

      Osøyro Kolonial

      Munu image

      Osøyro Kolonial chose Munu due to its user-friendly system and exceptional customer support.

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      Munu image

      Oslo Mikrobryggeri

      Oslo Mikrobryggeri er Skandinavias eldste mikrobryggeri og åpnet i Bogstadveien i 1989.

      Switching to a faster and more user-friendly POS system, with a fully integrated inventory management system.

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      Munu image

      Carsten Tourrenc

      Owner and general manager, Antikvariatet café and bar

      Munu image

      “Our lives became easier with Munu Cloud”

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    We believe in the transformative power that arises when individuals with diverse knowledge and experiences converge around a shared passion. At this juncture, we have the opportunity to challenge the status quo and create a meaningful impact.

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